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What is Mental Apparel?


   > Your actions are a result of your thoughts.

        > Your habits are a result of your actions. 

             > Your destiny is a result of your habits.

             >>  Choose your thoughts carefully!

Why is Dressing our Minds for Success so Important?

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Mental Apparel  LLC

Is Your Mind Dressed for Success?

     Think of Mental Apparel as a “Dress for Success” program for your mind. Most of us get up in the morning and put some thought into what we will wear.  We select appropriate clothing based on our day's activities or the weather. 

     We dress our bodies for success, but give little thought to what our minds are wearing - we basically let our minds dress themselves. And often our minds are dressed in negativity: doubt, fear, regret, worry, etc.      

     Wearing negative thoughts can be more damaging to our career success than showing up for an important meeting wearing our robe and slippers! 


Our mission is to lift others to their highest good.

We do this by educating, motivating, and inspiring others in an atmosphere of caring support.

People are at their highest good when they are HEALTHY in mind and body,

HAPPY and secure in their relationships, and ENGAGED in work that they enjoy.