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Our mission is to lift others to their highest good.
We do this by educating, motivating, and inspiring others in an atmosphere of caring support.
People are at their highest good when they are HEALTHY in mind and body,
HAPPY and secure in their relationships, and ENGAGED in work that they enjoy.


     Every morning, we choose what clothes we're going to wear. Are we facing snow and a big meeting, or 90 degrees and a friendly  luncheon? In the same way, I believe we need to wear the right Mental Apparel to be prepared to meet the challenges we'll face each day.
     I created
Mental Apparel more than 15 years ago to help me learn how to keep a positive attitude - with  that, I know I can face anything! On this website, I'm going to share my philosophy - which happens to be my passion as well - with you. I hope you find something helpful, hopeful, and exciting here.  -  Maryanne   #MentalApparel


The Mental Apparel Leadership Development Promise


Sustainable Leadership and Supply Chain Excellence requires knowledge of industry best practices and a balanced lifestyle.

Mental Apparel can help you achieve both.

Mental Apparel  LLC

Is Your Mind Dressed for Success?

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Maryanne Ross, Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles, has developed her own unique leadership development system which leverages the Jack Canfield Success Principles and her own knowledge of proven and time-honored business best practices. Maryanne coaches leaders (and leadership candidates) on how to apply these best business practices to their own lives so that they can climb the corporate ladder quickly and easily, while maintaining their health and personal relationships along the way.  We call this program  Personal Sustainability Planning.  We are so confident our system will help your company develop successful leaders that we guarantee success, or we will gladly refund your investment.